About Agapē Cafe & Grille 

It has been our dream for more than a few years to open a cafe/grille here in our hometown of Strasburg, PA, and we are thrilled to finally have these plans coming to life. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere where the love of Christ is felt by those who enter our doors.

We have owned Dutch Family Restaurant in Germantown, MD for the past 15+ years. Ruthie started working at the restaurant when she was 16, and then in 2005, Ruthie and her husband, JR bought the restaurant. Along with their restaurant in Germantown, MD, they also own Beautiful Home Furniture and Design at the same location selling solid wood furniture and home decor.

If you are local, you might have attended one of our Spring or Winter Open Houses at our home in Strasburg showcasing the decor we carry. Combined with Agapē Cafe & Grille will be our decor store, Beautiful Home Interiors where we will offer home decor to make your space warm and inviting. Our store will carry seasonal decor as well as everyday items. Visit our website to see the type of products we offer.

the Stoltzfus Family

JR, Ruthie
Damien, Cameron, Ava, and Olivia